Case Study: Ceiling Tiles By Us

Turn Clicks into Customers

Why settle for dull plain ceilings, such regular popcorn ceilings when you can have a beautiful looking ceiling in no time. Install our 20″x20″ Ceiling Tiles over existing PopCorn yourself, just glue to a stable secure surface or hire your local handy person or contractor.


  • Target likely customers, nationwide homeowners ages 35-65+
  • Reach new customers by generating relevant traffic to the website
  • Use instructional video to generate brand awareness
  • Gather demographic data on potential customers based on response rate to ads


  • Facebook Ad Marketing Solutions


  • Two Ads – Link Clicks and Video Views
    • One ad Linking back to the Contact Us page of the website
    • One ad promoting an instructional video used for awareness and engagement
  • Generate new and relevant traffic to the site
  • Gather data based on who responds to the ad to set up for retargeting later
  • Targeted ads based on age, location, interests, behaviors, and demographics


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