Case Study: Fancy Seat Weddings

Turn Clicks into Customers

Fancy Seats quality chair covers will help you take your special day to the next level! Chair covers, sashes, napkins, and table runners create an elegant atmosphere that your guests will remember for years to come. A beautiful decor will let your guests know how truly special your day is! Visit Our Products page to see all of our beautiful linens.


  • Target likely customers, specifically women ages 18-64
  • Reach new customers through generating leads and relevant traffic to the website.
  • Introduce unique features of service/product to generate awareness
  • Gather demographic data on potential customers based on response rate to ads


  • Facebook Ad Marketing Solutions


  • Two Ads – Link Clicks and Lead Form
    • One ad Linking back to the Contact Us page of the website
    • One ad with a pop-up Form allowing user to fill out for more information
  • Generate new and relevant traffic to the site
  • Gather data based on who responds to the Ad to set up for retargeting later
  • Targeted Ads based on age, location, interests, behaviors, and demographic


(30 Days Active)

  • 10003
  • 36
    Leads Generated
  • $2.08
  • 449
    Link Clicks
  • $0.17
    Average CPC
  • 2