Case Study: IPC GPS

Turn Clicks into Customers

IPC GPS designs custom GPS solutions for fleets of trucks for a variety of markets. Regardless of the size of the client’s fleet, IPC’s GPS solutions focus on improving performance. IPC provides both hardware and software to address client’s needs, ranging from the prevention of distracted driving to navigation and tracking. IPC’s products themselves are customizeable. Primarily serving fleets in utility, telecommunications and municipal market industries, IPC works with the client to find a fitting solution.


  • Target likely customers, specifically forklift operators
  • Reach new customers through generating relevant traffic to the website
  • Introduce unique features of service/product to audience
  • Gather demographic data on potential customers based on response rate to ads


  • Facebook Ad Marketing Solutions
  • Social Media / Advertising Icons


  • Two Ads – Link Clicks
    • One Advertising the Drive Screen
    • One Advertising the Smart Phone
  • Generate new and relevant traffic to the site
  • Gather data based on who responds to the Ad to set up for retargeting later
  • Targeted Ads based on age, location, interests, behaviors, employers and Job Title


(30 Days Active)

  • 42000
  • 4320
    Link Clicks
  • $0.02
    Average CPC
  • 2