Case Study: Obertal Inn

Turn Leads into Sales

Obertal Inn is a 27-room Leavenworth, WA bed and breakfast hotel is privately owned and operated since 1992. Visitors are treated as part of the family.


  • Target likely customers, location-based ages 24-65+
  • Reach new customers through generating relevant traffic to the website
  • Generate engagement through promoting inn and local events
  • Gather demographic data on potential customers based on response rate to ads


  • Facebook Ad Marketing Solutions


  • Two Ads – Link Clicks and Lead Form
    • One ad promoting inn and linking back to the booking page
    • One ad promoting local Balloon Festival
  • Generate relevant traffic back to website encouraging user to book a room
  • Gather data based on who responds to the ad to set up for retargeting later
  • Targeted ads based on age, location, interests, behaviors, and demographics


(30 Days Active)

  • 19600
  • 735
    Link Clicks
  • $0.27
    Average CPC
  • 2