Case Study: Sploofy

Turn Clicks into Customers

Sploofy is a personal smoke filter for people who want to smoke indoors without the smoke and smell. It’s designed with a replaceable cartridge function, so that you can easily switch out cartridges without having to throw the whole unit away. We offer replaceable cartridges in different colors for a fraction of the price.


  • Retargeting website traffic and users who left items in cart without purchase
  • Generate purchases by retargeting custom audience
  • Introduce unique features or discount of product to generate awareness
  • Use retargeting data to create custom audience for conversions


  • Facebook Ad Marketing Solutions
  • Large eCommerce Campaign


  • One Ad – Purchase Conversions
    • One ad set up for conversions (purchases)
  • Generate purchases by retargeting custom audience
  • Gather data based on who responds to the ad to set up for further retargeting
  • Targeted ads based Pixel Traffic and creating a custom audience


(30 Days Active)

  • 4973
  • $3.30
  • 99
    Purchase Conversions
  • 1