Assistive Technology — Save the Embarrassment with Browser Plug-ins

Sending out an email with bad grammar and terrible spelling is embarrassing. The silver lining of that exchange is that only one other person will read your mistakes. If we apply that to social media, or your business’ email marketing campaign, there’s only one way to save face. recently published an article by Lisa Wood Shapiro, a writer who happens to also have dyslexia. It brings to light how assistive technology can be downloaded to our browser and help us produce grammatically correct emails (and everything else in between). As Shapiro mentions, this technology is a great cheat code to have. More than that, it’s a great resource for businesses to use in order to send out great content. It’s time we no longer rely on our own eyes to copy edit and find mistakes. With AI, a computer-generated assistant can do that.

Assistive Technology is Your Best Friend

Businesses are constantly writing. Emails are being written, social posts are being scheduled, blogs are formed, and Slack conversations are happening. It is a big part of being online. It is a big part of marketing and advertising online. That’s why it’s so important that what a business sends out, or what an employee sends to a client, is grammatically correct. Grammatical errors have a huge impact on your blog ranking, social media posts, and your credibility with clients or consumers.

Browser Plug-ins

Grammarly is the most popular, and free, assistive app available. The free version is easy to download and use. Stop stumbling over “there, their, and they’re” because Grammarly will catch your mistake for you to correct right away. We use this example because it’s a common mistake made when posting on social media. When seen on social media posts, we’ve even discussed whether or not companies purposely use the wrong form in order to generate engagement.  It’s an interesting take to make. While it’s an easy way to get engagement (comments correcting you), it also might not be the best way. Again, credibility plays a big part.

Other assistants include Ginger and SlickWrite. With Ginger, you can translate your text to over 40 languages. This is great for companies in multi-cultural cities or those that happen to do business across the globe. It also helps with the writing style, grammar, spelling, and more. SlickWrite is very similar to Grammarly in the way it functions and corrects. You can also highlight words to define or search for a synonym.

Save Face

It doesn’t take long to download these applications and start using them. And since they’re incredibly helpful, why wouldn’t you? A company produces so much content. Even a restaurant creating menus could benefit from this. The last thing you need is to spend another couple hundred dollars reprinting menus because of a typo or error. Save time and money by allowing these computer assistants to do their job. Your website will benefit, your social media will always be error-free, and people will easily make sense of your newsletter. Plus, no one wants to be the one in the office that doesn’t know the difference between “there, their, and they’re”. Save yourself, and the company, some embarrassment.

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