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Brand Storytelling is the Greatest Technology for your Business

What made you start your business? The answer to that question is a story of your company’s origin—and that is something that people want to hear. Brand storytelling is the greatest thing that could happen to your business. Without exaggeration, it’s the greatest technology that your business could be implementing. When you’re thinking about social media posts, digital ads, or a brick and mortar, there should be a story surrounding it all. When people can connect, relate, and feel something towards your brand, it’s a lot more powerful and lasting than a frank statistic or a product name.

“Great stories can change the world.” — Tim Cook

Stories are Everywhere

Think about your own scrolling and browsing when you’re on the internet. Stories are abundant. And, good storytelling is universal. So, when it comes to your own brand storytelling, you’ve got to ask yourself, “If I were this audience and came across this story, how would it affect me?” When someone reading your social media post or seeing your Google Ad can feel something or relate to it they’re going to remember it. Their attention is going to be grabbed, and they’ll most likely want to buy from you. 

Successful Brand Storytelling

Think of your favorite brands and how they are using storytelling to sell their products. Notably, Nike has done an incredible job with this. Remember the Colin Kaepernick ad they ran? Everyone felt something from that. They didn’t need to put posters of shoes up—they had a compelling story that made you want to buy from them. Smaller brands can do this too. The Hundreds, a streetwear clothing brand from LA, achieves this every time they post on social media. They aren’t selling a tee shirt; they’re selling a lifestyle, a brand, an inclusive family that you can be a part of. Now, let’s look at Shinola. They’re an American-made watch company (extended to more goods) out of Detroit. Their stories stem from the hard-working Americans and the rebuilding of a city. Apple, Glossier, adidas, and so many other brands, are using storytelling to connect with their audience.

Implementing a Strategy

There are different ways for your company to tell a story. You can use images, videos, text, or a combination of those things. Knowing who your audience is is going to be key. Ask yourself why you’re posting something or why you want to sell a specific item. Usually, you’re selling something that a consumer needs. Answer that question for them—why do they need it? Thinking about these factors when you’re posting will result in better engagement. We tend to project our own experiences or our own imagination into the images and content we’re exposed to. For example, if you’re selling books and posting content of influencers reading in a hammock, or reading with their morning coffee, those are situations that book lovers can put themselves into.

There is no template to follow on what your images or videos should look like, or how your text should read. But, when you know your audience and use storytelling more, you find your brand’s voice and create engagement through connection and emotions.

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