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Building Your Brand and Hiring “Your” Team

So, you’re starting a company. You have a name, a product or service, and maybe even plans for a brick and mortar. The next step is building a website, have social media platforms secured, and branding your company. These are crucial to any business, especially when starting out. We live on the internet. So if you can’t be found on the internet, do you even exist? Building your brand has a lot more to it than just selling something.  It’s about having an identity—and having the right people accomplish that for you (if you can’t).

Hiring Your Team 

While you might be the best salesman or creator of the best new water bottle, that doesn’t mean you know how to build a website, handle social media, or navigate paid ads. And that’s ok. That’s why there are other people, and companies, that can handle that stuff for you. It’s all about knowing what your strengths are and hiring the right team of people to do the rest. This leads us to our very first point. You have to know your company mission, goals, and values before you start. This is what will shape your content. Having this will be the foundation of everything you do online. Knowing this and conveying it to your team will be key in creating a cohesive online footprint for the business. There are a few people you’ll need on your side.

Graphic designer— Consulting with and hiring a graphic designer is something you can’t pass up. Your logo and corresponding graphics are the visual representation of a brand or company. While there are tons of apps that can easily create a visual, you’ll want to hire a professional to create your branding. You’ll get a cleaner, more creative product than a template from an app.

Web developer— Though there are plenty of sites that help you create your own website, you might need a web dev. It all depends on what you need your site to do, how user-friendly you’re able to make it, and what you’ll be selling.

Digital Marketing— A digital marketing agency (*cough cough* us) can help with a lot of things. For one, paid advertising. Hiring the right people that have the expertise and knowledge to carry out paid advertising is crucial. It’s how a company gets in front of the right people. It’s how your brand becomes known to people. Aside from that, they (we!) can help with social media and boosted posts, email marketing, and more!

Building Your Brand

You can’t do everything by yourself. So, even if you have knowledge in paid advertisement or graphics, you’ll need to concentrate on building up your company rather than worrying about when to post on Instagram. There are other people that should be included on this list too, like an accountant, maybe a photographer, etc. Make it a point to hire your perfect team of people and you’ll see that your business can make a bigger impact.

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