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Business Etiquette on Social Media — Engage, Engage, Engage!

We’ve talked a lot about different social media platforms and how, as a business, you can be successful. Now, let’s go a step further. What we need to address is how businesses should be engaging with their consumers—because you should definitely be having conversations with your followers/consumers. Depending on the business’ size, there are different ways to meet this end goal, but every business should be engaging in comments and responding to questions on social media. It’s the new(ish) business etiquette on social media. Not to mention, it benefits the business on a different level when they do this.

Who should be engaging?

Ok—so, right off the bat, every business should be responding and engaging on social media. The first question that comes up is usually, “Who should be in charge of that?” It’s a fair question to ask. Sometimes, this depends on how big the company actually is. All the time, it needs to be done regardless. Translation: you’re never “too big” or “too important” to respond to someone’s comment or question.

For some, having a social media team might be the right answer. This will allow for multiple eyes to view any comments or urgent messages that may come through. Therefore, someone from the team or the social media manager can go ahead and curate a response. (Sometimes a simple “thank you” in response to a compliment is enough!). If you’re a smaller startup, the social media “team” might actually just be one person.

As a rule of thumb, the CEO or founder should engage every so often. This builds trust for the company and consumer. To put this in perspective, how much more would you appreciate a manager or CEO responding to your concern or comment?

How can you engage?

It’s 2019. There are so many ways for a company to engage. Gone are the rules of being formal and stiff when responding to your followers or consumers. Being creative—or funny—with the way you respond to people reaching out is important. Many businesses, like Taco Bell, have taken the funny route. Here you can read some of the Twitter replies different companies have given. Going this route is another way to get more people to pay attention, follow you, and want to engage with you. You can also use memes or emojis to better express what you’re trying to say in response to someone. However, if that’s not the route you want to take because you feel it’s not in line with your consumers, you can always give straight-forward replies and simple thank yous!

How does this benefit the business?

As mentioned above, more people will want to follow or interact if they think they’re going to get a response. This adds to brand loyalty. By simply responding, you’re creating brand trust. You have to think about how reliable (and reachable) your company comes off by having a team or person start engaging with people on social media.

Again, you’re never “too big” to go through with this task. Nike, who has over four million followers, created a separate account (NikeSupport) in order to respond to questions and problems their consumers might be having. In a recent study, it was discovered that T-mobile responds to 86% of their questions and comments. These are two huge brands that know the importance of engaging and responding to people that are spending money with them. In turn, they become loyal customers who praise them and tell more people about the service they provide. In short, it benefits every company to spend some time engaging with its audience.

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