Mr Krabbs in front of Money sign

The Cash Will Come When You Build The Brand

Every business owner wants sales, that’s a given, and the sole reason for even becoming an entrepreneur. However, with social media being at its peak, building your brand vs. acquiring a certain amount of customers is far more necessary than sales conversions in the beginning stages.

The saying, “if you plant it, it will grow” proves to be true for marketing. The more traffic you get on your website, the better. Engagement leads to sales, eventually. Your goal as a fresh, new small business is letting your target audience get familiar with your brand, pique their interest in your products/services and gain their trust/win over their loyalty against the competition in your industry. Say it with us: Engagement leads to sales.

Of course it’s necessary to set your goals from a financial aspect but if you don’t have potential customers who have knowledge about your products/services, it’s likely they’ll never make that jump. For e-commerce small businesses, it’s super important to have engaging content at all times. Consumers who are looking to buy clothing, beauty products or shoes are more likely to purchase from a company they trust will have great customer service, quality products and reasonable shipping time windows. If your reputation precedes you due to your high engagement on social media platforms, sales will come faster than you’d like to believe.

Social media is constantly changing and it’s vital for any business to keep up or get left behind. Pique interest first, worry about the money later.

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