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Consider Your Happy Customers to be Your Micro Influencers

The internet is saturated with bloggers and influencers. They have a platform and a following that allows them to talk about their favorite things, engage with their followers, and promote different products. These influencers as a resource for companies is not going anywhere any time soon. That’s because they’re a great way to promote a brand. With an established following and creative content, they are able to reach out to different demographics and groups that the brand itself might not have been able to do. Micro influencers are becoming an even better group to reach out to. Their smaller following (anywhere from 10,000 – 100,000) usually allows for more engagement. That in itself is reason enough to hire them for influencer marketing. But, there’s another, smaller, group that companies can tap into.

We’re talking about happy customers.

One of the downsides of contacting a random micro influencer for your marketing is that they might not have heard of your company before. They will use your product or service for the first time when they receive it. Then, they’ll give their “review” in the form of a photo or video post, talking about your product. While this works, why not reach out to your happy customers?

Happy Customers = Micro Influencers

It’s 2019. At this point, it’s second nature for us to post things on social media that we like (or don’t like). Whether that is a restaurant, a clothing brand, or your favorite car wash, you’re likely to talk about it on social media. For companies, these are like testimonials you could use to your advantage. Find people that are loyal to your brand already and partner up with them. If they’ve already mentioned you in their Instagram stories, posts, or videos, that’s already a step ahead in creating buzz around your company. How are they better than using micro influencers with a bigger following? Both are beneficial. But, your customers already know you and will likely be more than happy to promote or create posts to promote more of your products. Their established following will allow for an even smaller group of people to be introduced to your company.

Authentic Boost in ROI

Research shows that it’s beneficial for your company to use customers as influencers for your brand. How?  Personal relationships are powerful. That means that your friends, family, and followers will trust your recommendation over an ad that jumps on their screen. Only 33% of consumers said that they trust and buy based off ads, whereas 90% of consumers have bought products or services based on recommendations.  So, if you recruit costumers to be your influencers, you’re going to get a better result. The conversation that they spark with their followers and friends over your product will increase your sales. They are basically going a step above a testimonial and providing hundreds of people with a recommendation that they’re going to trust. Plus, since the customer/influencer already knows about your products and are pleased with you, they are providing an insight into your company. More importantly, consumers want authenticity and that’s what these customers (micro-micro influencers) will be able to provide.

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