Creating Content: Don’t Let Content Marketing Get Put on the Back Burner

The million dollar question: Is creating content for my company really necessary?

Yes. A thousand times over, yes.

Creating content is the best way for consumers to get to know your company. They don’t want to see ads, they don’t want a three-sentence paragraph in your “About Me” section. The best way for them to come to conclusions, gain more knowledge, and really get to know you is by the content you’re putting out.

Creating Content: What should you be putting out?

Different strokes for different folks here. There are many options when it comes to content marketing. Essentially, you can do a combination of outlets. If something isn’t relevant to you, you can opt out of using that. Say you’re an e-commerce business. Having social media and a blog, along with your website, are going to be key elements. Both of these outlets allow your company to do some storytelling.  Social media, especially Instagram and Facebook, also allows for consumer engagement. People are now able to have conversations with you. Build Instagram stories, engage with blogs about different topics pertaining to your business, and you’ll notice more people will share and be interested in your product.

Creating content on social media that is relevant to your business is incredibly important when you’re talking about the audience, staying connected, and staying relevant.  So, if you’re a restaurant, take a photo of that food, throw in some relevant hashtags and get a conversation going online. With Instagram stories, you could also publish a video with a step-by-step video of your recipe. Whatever you would like to share, but keep it relevant.

The numbers are amazing to look at.

78% of consumers have said that they feel they get to know a company better through the content they push out, rather than from their ads. Another 70% said that they strongly believe that a company pushing out content is more likely going to build a relationship with a consumer, which is of high-importance today. Here’s another great number. Businesses that are posting blogs regularly are 434% more likely to have more pages indexed in a search engine. When you don’t do post blogs, you’re not getting this type of engagement.

When you’re creating content for your company, you are allowing people to dive deeper into your company. What do you stand for? What kind of knowledge do you have? What are the newest trends on a particular subject? Why should I buy this satin sarong? Building trust with a consumer is what you’re going for here.

Improving your SEO

“Improving my what, now?” You know when you’re searching for something on the internet and you’ll see the first page of results? Being the top of that list, or being on that first page, is having great Search Engine Optimization. Creating content that your company can market out improves your SEO and lets customers find you easily and faster. That’s important to your business. Whether you’ve been posting a lot on Twitter or putting out great articles on Google+, this allows for your page and company to be found. It also puts you above the competition.

Not many realize the importance of content when it comes to marketing. Now that you do, put those fingers to work and start creating content!

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