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Digital Marketing: What If Facebook Newsfeed Went Away?

You can’t go on any news site or social media platform without being updated about Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is always up to something—whether it’s being questioned by Congress, or announcing new Facebook features. Which leads us to the Facebook Newsfeed. We’ve all come to love and hate the newsfeed we mindlessly scroll on the daily. Amidst the family check-ins and funny pet videos, there are also endless political videos and ads targeting you. Digital marketing is a lot of things. In the case of this enormous social platform, it’s a way to target the right audience to buy your products. As Facebook moves to become more private, how will affect businesses? Recently, Mark Zuckerberg announced (vaguely) that Facebook’s next move is to become a more private experience—honing in on messaging features.

First—What’s Going On with Facebook?

There is a reason behind all the madness (changes) going on with Facebook. A dramatic change is in the near future because they’ve looked at the data. More and more people are sharing private messages and photos/videos that will disappear. Right now, the social platform is set up primarily so that you can share with everyone. Or, anyone that you choose to at least, your followers. However, data shows that the majority of conversations happen indirect or private messages. And because privacy has become such a huge issue, why not present a way to turn it into a more private experience?

The Lack of Facebook Newsfeed—The Impact 

The question of how or if this will affect Facebook newsfeed is an important one. “Facebook puts ads into users’ feeds, and [this is] valuable to advertisers because [the platform] can target people based on information that they keep on their profile,” explained Vox. So, if everyone is using private messaging apps with high encryption levels, it begs the question as to how data will be used to target people. Or how ads will show up altogether. For some, it may come as a relief. How many times do we swipe through our feed to see a bunch of ads for items we might not have searched for? Or on the other hand, get bombarded with items similar to something we searched for? Businesses will soon have to change their tactics. That’s not to say they won’t have space on the social platform. With Instagram and Facebook stories, we can expect ads to be populated there. The same goes for WhatsApp, the third app under the same social umbrella.

Lastly—When Will This All Happen?

In his post, Zuckerberg said that this transition would take place “over the next few years”. So, while you should be prepared for upcoming changes, nothing is happening right away. The task of making each app fully encrypted and private will take some time. Though the company may start to make some advances to that goal this year, it will ultimately take longer for the entire process. In the meantime, your newsfeed will look mostly the same. You can expect to have your ads shown—and to the right people.

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