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Facebook Bots And How They Can Help Your Customer Service

A big complaint businesses receive from customers is the lack of communication when it comes to questions and concerns about a particular product/service. Even basic FAQs are fading into the abyss, unanswered or answered later than the average consumer prefers.

The revolution of chatbots switched up the customer service game in early 2016 and Facebook didn’t waste any time joining in on the idea. In that same year, Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook Messenger Platform. This particular service allows businesses to build their own custom bots into the Messenger app. Taking advantage of this feature, will help your company’s customer service successfully thrive. Consumers can now Facebook message businesses, and get their questions/concerns answered in real-time.

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This past Halloween, the insurance company, Aflac, launched their new campaign, “DuckChat” via Facebook Messenger. This savvy business move Aflac made provides faster assistance in answering the frequently asked questions during benefits enrollment. By implementing DuckChat into their customer service, the more the Aflac Duck is on DuckChat, the more he learns. This ultimately helps the Aflac duck to answer FAQs. The DuckChat campaign keeps Aflac members informed, but this marketing move is an insurance company first. This marketing strategy meets the demand for consumers to have an easier way to access information, in a timely manner.

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If you’re interested in launching Facebook Messenger for your business, we recommend providing answers to a minimum of five FAQs that pertain to your services/products. From there, the more your company’s Facebook bot is used, the more intelligent it will become. Engagement with consumers is just the beginning of earning a solid reputation in your market. The superb customer service is what will keep your business afloat. Contact us today to learn more about how you can start using a ChatBot on Facebook.

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