Google heralds in the fall with a predictably mysterious algorithm update.

Here’s what we know.

Ah, the beginning of fall. The pumpkin spice craze is in full-swing, the leaves are changing colors, and Google rolled out a brand spanking new update as swiftly as a cold New Yorker whipping out their winter coat at the first sign of cold weather. As per Google’s typical method of making mysterious updates in the dark hours of the night, they haven’t officially said much about this algorithm update. But here’s what we know so far.

It’s colloquially known as “Google’s medic update.”

Why? Well, as the name suggests, this update hit the medical industries fairly hard. That’s not to say it didn’t affect other sites as well, but the ones feeling the biggest change are indeed those involved in health, medicine, and even fitness.

They seem to be narrowing in on search intention.

While the data resulting from this new algorithm update is still rolling in, some search experts are noticing a few trends. It seems as though Google may be shifting their algorithm to help better predict and provide for search intention. One example is in large corporations like KLM and IBM, a “jobs at” link almost always shows now. This is assuming that when researching these companies, a user may be interested in viewing available jobs.

Another example is in search queries like “compost bin,” Google seems to want to rank two things the highest: how to build and how to purchase. In a case like this, the user intent is likely to either get information about how to build a compost bin, or where to buy a compost bin. By ranking these two types of results highest, Google is honing in on search intention and better matching results with what searchers actually want to see.

So that’s it: the still-mysterious-yet-not-so-scary algorithm update that Google rolled out to welcome us to fall.

The moral of the story? Even if Google rolls out a new algorithm update every day, you’ll stay afloat if you always write to user intention. Always.

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