Holiday Season Calls for Peak Marketing

All Hallows Eve is right around the corner, which means the holiday season will be in full effect starting October 31st! Hooray! From October to February, important holidays come fast and at full speed, sending consumers and businesses into a frenzy like no other. These 5 months out of the year are joyous times, but for retail or consumer-based businesses, the holiday season could be the most crucial time of year. Even the food industry takes part in participating in the celebrations by creating holiday-themed campaigns.

In the summer months, it’s wise for your business to start strategizing for peak marketing months when October rolls around. Why? According to, “total retail sales for the holiday season climbed 3.6%” and most likely will continue to climb to a whopping $1.04 trillion – $1.05 trillion this year. That’s a lot of dough. Although these numbers are exclusive to retail companies, every industry should partake in strategic marketing more than usual during the holidays.

If you’re a new business and this is your first opportunity to partake in holiday marketing, you may be confused on how you too can participate. Let us be of service.

Coupons, coupons, coupons:

Holidays are the most expensive times for consumers, therefore, the average buyer will take advantage of any chance to save a little extra cash. No matter what industry you’re in, offer some sort of savings opportunity or incentive for your customers. You can even go as far as to partner up with to have your company’s coupons available on their website as well. Groupon as well. Cosmetic companies do a tremendous job of marketing for the holidays when it comes to offering coupons for the season. The popular makeup superstore, Sephora, consistently offers free samples and gifts around the holidays to their Beauty Insider members, which results in more reward program registrations and of course, money!

Sephora Cheer Bag advertisement

Flood Social Media:

Great marketing consists of popping up wherever consumers turn. Advertise so much that people get sick of you, yet they’ve got what you have to offer in the back of their minds. Have you ever seen more than five McDonald’s commercials in one viewing of your favorite television show and the next day you find yourself craving a Big Mac? The power of marketing is repetitive and holiday season for marketing should be done ten times more than usual, especially if you have inventory that’s holiday themed. Running Targeted Ads across Facebook and Instagram is a cost-effective way to reach your core audience as well. With that, you can retarget all of your most recent website traffic and encourage them to buy or sign up.

Graphic art of somebody using a tablet

Acknowledge ALL of the holidays:

Nowadays, it’s important for brands to practice inclusion on all levels, even the holidays. For example, if you post Merry Christmas on your social media platforms but don’t acknowledge Hanukkah or Kwanzaa when those holidays arrive, you may be excluding an audience that could help your brand climb to the top a little faster. You could always be generic and stick with the good ole’ “Happy Holidays” but being personable and making your customers feel special will take you a long way. Back in 2004, Virgin Mobile did a spin on “Happy Holidays” and made it their own with their “Chrismahanukwanzakah”  commercial spot. The ad was hilarious, inclusive and catchy, which are great aspects when it comes to holiday marketing.

Screenshot of Chrismahanukwanzakah ad from Virgin Mobile

The keys to a great holiday season for your company comes down to how you take advantage of this beloved time of the year with smart marketing. Is your business ready for the holidays?


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