How To Make Your Instagram Successful for Your Business

As a company, many people have probably told you to get on social media. Social media is the portal in which a lot of people find things that interest them, shop, and engage with others. You need to have successful social media outlets in order to gain more interest in your company. For now, we’ll focus on Instagram. How do you make your Instagram successful? To answer that question, you have to know the numbers, the people, the format. Here are some steps you can take to make your Instagram stand out and be successful.

Knowing the Numbers

First, as a grain of knowledge, you need to know who uses Instagram. If you’ve used Instagram before, you’re already aware that it’s a platform for a younger audience. If you’re new to the platform, take notes. The majority of Instagram users are aged 18-34. Thirty percent of those in that age group are women, while the other thirty-one percent are male. So, when you’re making your Instagram successful, think of this audience. It’s going to be younger, more casual and probably have a shorter attention span when it comes to swiping through content.

Post and Post Regularly

The key to gaining more followers and having engagement is posting. Post content that is relevant—not only to your business, but to what’s going on in the world (holidays, etc.). Make sure it’s interesting. Post regularly. With the new algorithm, posts aren’t shown in order, so it’s important to schedule and plan to post at least four or five times a week.

Instagram Stories/Highlights  

An Instagram account will be more successful based on real-time interaction. When Instagram provided the option to post 24-hour videos on your “story”, more people were able to showcase their day or have conversations with their friends/viewers. Use this in-app platform to do some branding, share giveaways, or show behind-the-scenes content of our office (people love that). You can save these stories for longer than 24 hours by turning them into a “highlight” on your page—highly recommended for content that always applies to your business.

Establish Hashtags

Use and establish a couple hashtags that are directly relevant to your company. Use those when you post so that people clicking on those hashtags will be brought to your page. The more precise they are, the better. If you’re posting, #losangeles, it’s going to be one in a million with that same hashtag. Hashtag the name of your business instead. Even the neighborhood or a company motto works better. You’ll be targeting people and also allowing others to use that hashtag when mentioning you.

Get Engaged

Lastly, you need to be engaged as well. Like followers posts, respond to comments, and make it a point to follow others. What works best in this situation is targeting a specific audience—your competitors, for instance. Engage with their followers; like their photos, leave a comment and you’re more likely to gain more followers and have people go to your page.

When you’re a company wanting to stay relevant in today’s online world, making your Instagram successful is part of that. Get inside that box.

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