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Influencer Marketing Can Help Drive Results and Fuel Authentic Engagement

Influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere. You’ve probably seen it online and on TV in different scales. Whether it’s a YouTube personality talking about a product, an Instagram influencer posting an outfit, or a musician/actor/celebrity in a commercial ad, it’s an exciting way for a brand to expand to more people. In many ways, influencer marketing can strategically and brilliantly increase brand awareness and trust. It can also be a slippery slope of its own struggles. Ultimately though, it is worth looking into when you own a brand. The way influencers interact and the platforms they use may vary in the future, but they will remain a go-to source on products for their followers.

Influencer Marketing Can Create a Trusted Fan Base

During the 2019 Social Media Week London, various experts in the field took to the stage to discuss social media trends for the year. One thing covered: influencer marketing isn’t going away, it’s just “growing up”. Your focus on any kind of marketing as a company is to create relationships. These are long-lasting customers and fans that will repeatedly buy from you. It’s much more meaningful than a “one-night stand” arrangement, as CEO of theAmplify, Amy Luca, said. Using influencers that have been strategically picked, this type of marketing would be incredibly beneficial to your brand.

How do you integrate influencers into your brand?

The way that social media has grown, most users are able to pick apart phony ads and unrealistic product placement. When you want to start using influencers for your products, you need to look at their audience, their methods, and think of creative ways you are going to share your story through them. Online users are looking for authenticity. This is why many YouTube influencers who product test and share thoughts are so successful. It’s why so many, on any platform, are so successful. These are everyday people (minus the celebrities like Kendal Jenner) that are passionate about the opinions they have. They love food, gaming, fashion, and so much more. And, they’ve taken to blogs, videos, pictures, and tweets to share their thoughts on the subject.

So, take a look at what you want to achieve across all social platforms and work together with influencers to create a strategy. The importance here is not CPM (cost per impression), but rather, the reach and engagement that comes from it.

A Bang for Your Buck

Platforms and trends are constantly changing. The fact that content matters is staying the same. That’s why having a marketing budget and putting numbers behind your campaign is important. Companies are expected to invest, on average, $25,000 to $50,000 into influencer campaigns this year. But, the money is well-spent. For every dollar that’s spent on marketing with an influencer, companies see an average of $7.65 in earned media value returned. The biggest platform for this is Instagram. The year 2018 is estimated to have $1.7 billion in brand-sponsored influencer posts. You can boost posts that use an influencer to extend your reach and grow your brand awareness. Social media is a powerful tool, and putting an influencer behind it just cranks up the power.  

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