Screenshots of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories Are Great For Business

Instagram Stories are the new trend, but we’ll explain how to utilize that feature later. Much like Facebook, Instagram has risen to the top of social media platforms since its initial launch. The social media app has added features that make using it more engaging and easier for users to understand. No matter what size, businesses alike have added Instagram to their social media marketing list.

Facebook Business Profile

In May of 2016, Instagram launched the business profile option, which allows users to either switch their current personal account to a business account or sign their brand up under a business profile. This was a smart move by Instagram, allowing brands to utilize tools from Facebook Business. Instagram is moving up and isn’t looking to slow down at all. Which brings us to August 2016, when Instagram Stories is launched.

By adopting the blueprint of their biggest competitor app, Snapchat (the baby social media app of the bunch) Instagram launched a story feature that functions just like Snapchat. This business move had the internet buzzing for weeks, where users claimed Instagram of stealing concepts. That may be true but madness is a method reserved for geniuses.

Using Instagram Stories

Although Instagram wasn’t the originator for posting content that’s available for only 24 hours, they sure did make it their own. Unlike Snapchat, you don’t need an entire filter to show your location. By simply selecting the “Location” option, users are provided a list of nearby locations for them to choose which one they want to add to their story.

Screenshots of Instagram Stories

You can also mention “@” your friends’ Instagram handle in your story. Whoever is viewing your story can easily click on the “@” name to visit their profile. On Snapchat, this function doesn’t exist, yet. That feature alone works amazing for businesses who bring on social media influencers as a part of their marketing strategy. Influencers can display a product on their Instagram Story and put the company’s handle that they’re representing in the story.

Let’s also not forget that Instagram Stories sticker game is amazing! Snapchat is attempting to play catch-up now. Instagram added the stories feature when more people were beginning to get on the platform. Having the option to post a picture and/or post to your story is an example of a social media app being used for two greater goods. You’re killing two birds with one stone. We mentioned how Instagram Stories is great for the marketing team and influencer relationships, but for your business, it gets even better.

Now more than ever, businesses are using IG stories as another strategy in remaining accessible and engaging with their audience. IG Stories allow companies to get creative in how they entice viewers, thanks to the stickers, the boomerang effect, the fairly new, superzoom effect and the ability to insert website links (if your business is verified through IG, that is) within your story isn’t too shabby either.


If you didn’t know before reading this that your business needs to add IG Stories to the marketing strategy, then now ya know. This creative function inside the beloved Instagram app is an essential and fun way for businesses to gain engagement and increase website traffic in a more exciting and personable way. Be a shark and start posting to your business’ IG story today!

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