searching restaurants near me on google

People are Searching for “Near Me” Businesses

Here’s the thing—consumers control how marketing changes. We are all adapting to these trends and changes all the time. Right now, and since the rise of the voice search, “near me” searches are more prevalent. More consumers are interested in local searches. Narrowing down this search means it’s important to customize your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for local searches. These nearby searches are only going to increase, with an expected $1.4 trillion in local sales to hit by 2021 from mobile device influence.

What is “Near Me”?

The Global VP Marketing of Google, Lisa Gevelber, pointed out that, “Near me searches are used to find a specific thing, in a certain area, and in a specific period of time.” The growth of this type of search has increased to 500% in the last two years. So, if you don’t think your business could benefit from it, think again. Wherever your business is located, people are looking for your services there. Since most apps have GPS, users have their location services turned on. This allows Google to produce the most relevant search results to the user.

As Gevelber pointed out, it’s a timely matter as well. People are searching for an immediate solution. That could be anything from finding a lunch spot to looking for an electrician. As consumers, we’re typically searching for answers that we want right away. We need that lunch now, not tomorrow. We need that electrician today, not in a month.

Optimizing Your Business

So, now we know that “near me” searches are very important. Now, how do we get your business to show up for these searches? First, and this is crucial, make sure you have your business listed on Google. Open a business account on Google My Business and get authorized. Part of this step is making sure that people leave you reviews and that all your information is updated. Next, you’ll want to add Schema markup in order to stand out from competitors. You can read more about that here. Ultimately, this will help search engines get more information related to your business. This can include the hours that you operate, where your headquarters are, what your logo looks like, what your website it, etc.

Mobile Friendly

Most searches are coming from a smartphone. That’s why it’s important to have a mobile-friendly website. Additionally, think of the content you’re producing. Make sure that you’re including your location in tags, text, webpages, etc. This will help you come up in searches. Think of more phrases that you can use that capture what your product is and how people might be searching for it. For example, people might search “best gyro in LA”. Or, “bookstore near me”. Include words like “best” and make sure that your menu items are included for some of those searches. You’re not just a Greek restaurant at this point; you want to come up for specific searches.

When it comes to this type of search, consumers want an immediate answer. This must be taken into consideration. This is where businesses have to adapt and make whatever change in order to stay on top of a search. You might already be the best “near me” but you might not show up in the search if you don’t put in that extra work to do so.

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