Product Tagging Increases Your Sales Through Facebook and Instagram

There is so much that your business can do through social media. Not only can you increase your audience and tell your brand’s story, but you can also increase your sales. The way you handle what you post—the photos and the copy—can determine the outcome of your traffic. For an e-commerce business, there is now a way to optimize your business. With Facebook and Instagram, you can now use product tagging to increase your sales. This is a brilliant opportunity to create customized content and get specific products in front of consumers. Since there are so many people on social media, and so many people shopping online, this makes it an easier one-stop shopping experience for them.

How does product tagging work?

First, all you need is your company’s website and your social media pages. From there, it’s easy. Facebook and Instagram have made it easy for businesses to link and set up their shop. After this is set up, you can start creating posts with the items you want to sell. Tagging these products works the same as tagging a friend. Notably, you’ll want to focus on a few items at a time so that your audience isn’t overwhelmed. This works great with seasonal shopping. If you’re running a clothing boutique, now you’re able to showcase an item or two that relates to a certain holiday, season, or special promotion you have running. Tag the items, then make sure that they’re linked so that customers are directed to buy that item.

Increasing your sells one tag at a time

Think of product tagging on your social media pages like walking through a crowded street. You see someone in front of you, and you think, “Oh, I really like that leather bag.” If you don’t walk up to them and ask them where they purchased it, you’re probably going to start googling leather bags. Social media is your crowded street. When someone is scrolling through their Facebook or Instagram, they are more than likely going to find something that they want to own.

Now, if you’re an e-commerce company, your page can become a sort of lookbook. With product tagging, you’ll be able to take the guesswork out for your customers. So, when someone is scrolling through your social media page and they stop at a one-of-a-kind leather bag you sell, you can tag it and lead them to the checkout. You’ve now created a direct passage for them, instead of having them (maybe) leave the social media page, find your website, and try to find that bag. Make it easy for your customer and everyone wins.

Create interesting product tagging posts

Your social media page isn’t your website. This means that you have more creative freedom to gain attention and have people buy from you. Use that to create interesting posts with product tagging. Engage with your audience, use product tagging, and your sales will increase because of the accessibility and appeal of it.

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