Need some stellar real estate leads? Facebook Ads can help.

In the world of real estate, generating leads may take the cake as the most difficult part of the job. Especially in the current growing market, with the housing bubble expanding and the number of realtors increasing every day, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. This is especially crucial when discussing strategies for obtaining new leads (and thus, new business). While there are many tactics floating around in the real estate lexicon, Facebook Ads is steadily growing as one of the top methods for grabbing new leads. Let’s discuss how.

Why it works so well.

Speaking in broad terms, a huge reason why Facebook Ads work so specifically well for the real estate business is in the way they reach an audience. Specifically, Facebook Ads reach the audience through personal, trustworthy, and direct methods. With other strategies, such as print advertisements, media advertisements, and even Google Ads, there’s a level of removal that comes with the audience exposure. With print, the audience is probably out of the home. With media, the audience is hyper-aware that they are being advertised to. With Google, they are likely already searching for real estate and are prepared for the influx of ads.

On the other hand, with Facebook Ads, the ads reach the audience in a comfortable state through a medium where they are interacting with personal content that doesn’t feel too intrusive.

Why pay for ads.

At this point, you may be thinking “cool, great, so I’ll use Facebook to promote my real estate business. But why would I bother paying for ads when I can just post?” Ah, that’s the thing. The days of organic reach (i.e. writing a post on your business page and having it reach an audience) are no more. To be frank, Facebook prioritizes paid ads over organic content. That’s just the way it is. Luckily, though, Facebook Ads are the cheapest PPC (pay per click) out there – so you won’t be paying an arm and a leg to run FB ads.

Types of FB ads.

Domain advertising vs. news feed advertising.

The first choice you’ll be tasked with is choosing where exactly on a Facebook site you want to display your ads. This comes in two types: domain advertising (on the side of the page) or news feed advertising (directly integrated into the feed). As you can expect, news feed advertising gets quite a bit more traction than its side-page counterpart – 44% more, as a matter of fact.

Carousel ads.

Diving into more specific types of ads, carousel ads allow the user to display five different products or services at once. Each product receives its own picture, caption, and link. They are displayed, as predicted by the name, in a carousel for the user to click through.

Lead ads.

Lead ads display one picture or product and generally have a “sign up” button associated with them. Through this link, users can enter their personal information to receive more info or to sign up for a service, without ever having to leave the Facebook platform. While these are the most straightforward for a real estate business, they are generally less customizable and eye-catching than something like a carousel ad.

Canvas ads.

These ads are only available on the mobile platform, and they are integrated into a user’s newsfeed as if they were a normal post. This is great for reach, as users are more likely to view and engage with organic-looking ads.

Event ads.

If you are having an open house or some other real estate event, event ads are a wonderful option for promoting the occasion. And as a bonus, with Facebook’s new updates for event pages, users can purchase tickets for an event through the page without ever having to leave Facebook. Convenient.

Tips for optimizing ads.


This cannot be overstated: Use. Images. In. Your. Ads. It’s simple: people are a lot less likely to engage with advertisements that lack pictures. Even more, the pictures need to be eye-catching (without being over-polished.) Seem hard? It’s really not. Simply focus on attaching real pictures (of the property or whatever else) without a ton of edits on it. Users want to see real content, not pushy ads. Keep it real.


Write, write, write! But don’t overdo it. Keep your copy concise but engaging. Nobody wants to see spammy text that looks like a robot wrote the ad. But, by that same token, when looking for a house, nobody wants to read paragraphs. Stick with the basics and focus on the highlights. Does the bathroom have a jacuzzi tub? Awesome. Write that.


Know your audience. Know them well. And always streamline your ads for that audience. Luckily, with Facebook ads, this one is pretty easy. FB ads let you choose your demographic to a high level of specificity. And then they take it from there. Your job is to really hone in on who you want to reach with your ads, and then let the ads do their job.

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