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Retargeting Ads — Possibly the End of Window Shoppers?

Generally speaking, we’re all window shoppers on the massive space that the internet takes up. We are all guilty of shopping our favorite online shops, only to “leave” without buying anything. The reasons vary; you could be waiting for payday, not sure how badly you want the item, or you could be shopping around. Whatever the case, this is where retargeting ads help you as a store owner. These ads do exactly what it sounds like they do, they take that shopper who left your store, and retargets them with ads to remind them that they actually did love you and miss you, and need to go back and buy something.

There are about 2% of shoppers that convert on the first visit of an online store. That number is incredibly low. So, retargeting is the tool that is used to reach that other 98% of shoppers that didn’t convert right away. It’s really great for branding your company and as a conversion optimization tool. In the real world, it’s almost like those kiosk employees at the mall that you constantly pass by, always asking to check out their product. Only this is more strategic and less annoying.

Implementing Retargeting Ads

Retargeting is effective. This should be part of your marketing strategy, no questions about it. Retargeting keeps your brand front and center—always on the mind of that window shopper that left your store. This leads to higher click-through rates and increased conversions. Ultimately, this means your brand is becoming more valuable through repeated exposure.

For the best results, tailoring your ads is key. For example, you could have retargeting ads for people that were specifically looking at the shoes on your site. It’s also a great idea to have a clear call-to-action and/or promote an offer. Wouldn’t you be more likely to click an ad that said “BOGO Free belts!” or “Save 40% Your Next Flight”? Different products might call for different time slots, so this is important to consider when you’re thinking about how soon to retarget your audience. Those flights are best when done immediately after someone is looking for travel. Retail goods, on the other hand, will do much better when you wait a while (don’t be the annoying kiosk guy right away).

You Need It

Have you questioned before whether or not you should be using retargeting? Because it shouldn’t be a question. When you’re retargeting, it’s a strategic way to bring customers back into your store. This will lead to purchases, which is what your company is aiming for. It’s a great way to gather a bigger audience and get money for your company.

Though it takes some time to construct a retargeting ad to get the best effect, it’s a great way to bring the attention back to your brand.

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