Keyword and Competitive Analysis

Know Where You Stand

Our Marketing Analyst will show you what keywords you currently ranked and indexed for. We will show you how to improve…

  • New User Traffic
  • Prospective Customer Conversions
  • A High Bounce Rate
  • Your Online Image
  • Your Online Reputation

Website Traffic


Increase Traffic

Website Traffic at a Standstill?

We can help. Your Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools account have valuable insights and information that can help Ranksharks determine the specific reasons for your low traffic rate.

Get Social

Is your online presence, socially . . . awkward? We can help!

Let the sharks analyze your social media presence in order to help you better understand how to reach more of your clients by marketing online. Gaining a social following is more than just creating a Facebook post here and a Twitter post there. There is a complex formula of timing, wording, and the proper use of multimedia content that is to be followed.

Multimedia Content

Onsite Marketing Analysis


You Know What They Say About Curb Appeal

We will perform an in depth on-site analysis showing you how to convert and even return more customers.

As a client, a Ranksharks professional optimization specialist will adjust your site’s code to meet the current standards of the major search engine algorithms.

Content Syndication Marketing

Spread the Word

Let us show you how to syndicate your content over the proper social channels. Syndicated content allows you to reach multiple demographics with a single piece of content.

One piece of content, syndicated over:

  • Video Channels
  • Social Pages
  • E-mail Blasts
  • Audio Channels


Expected Month One Timeline

  • Day 1
    Senior Marketing Specialist begins onsite retrieval report and analysis.

  • Day 1
    Senior Marketing Specialist contacts client to welcome and review pertinent information.

  • Day 2
    Full onsite meta overhaul begins & onsite content is written.

  • Day 3
    Baseline report and onsite deliverable materials presented to client.

  • Day 5
    Ranksharks team prepares internal ongoing social strategy.

  • Day 5
    Social posting begins.  Onsite written content presented to client.

  • Day 6
    Natural linking strategy.                                     

  • Day 10
    Senior Marketing Specialist preforms the 3 day Search Engine audit & studies/records algorithmic patterns.

  • Day 15
    “Half Way” review by Senior Marketing Specialist.  At this point initial onsite revisions have been implemented & all linking/social strategies have begun.

  • Day 15
    Analytical tracking period.                                

  • Day 30
    End of month meeting, recap & next months plan is presented via phone or video chat.

Ongoing Stability Service

Content Refresh
Analytical Tracking and Reporting
Social Posting
Natural Linking
Local Business Social Targeting
Algorithm Update Protection
Keyword Analysis and Revisions

Algorithm Watch


We’ve Got Your Back

Ranksharks – Algorithm Watch Promise

Ranksharks is dedicated to bringing you results by using the latest industry standards, as per the guidelines of Google. As of now, Ranksharks does not violate any of Google “Terms of Service” with their Online Marketing practices. We continuously learn and expand our expertise by attending industry standard conferences and workshops.  We promise to never put a clients site in harms way and to always do our best to be in compliance with a new algorithmic change.

Exclusive Add on Services

Beat the Competition with These Add-Ons

Ranksharks can show you your top organic (SEO) competitors, the keywords they use and what is needed to dominate your market.