iPhone Home Screen with Facebook and Instagram crossed out

When Social Media Crashes

Did you know that social media platforms can crash too just like your website? That’s exactly what is happening right now on not one, but TWO major networks. There’s been a huge outage of both Facebook and Instagram and people, businesses mainly, are not pleased.

Apparently, the two large social media platforms have been catapulted offline and there’s nowhere to run if you don’t remember your Twitter password. This isn’t as much of a travesty for the average user but it definitely is for businesses, influencers and marketers. Due to the popularity of Facebook ads being a go-to advertising route for companies, this outage is costing business owners a bit of cash. Being that Facebook also owns Instagram, ads sourced through that platform is also costing some investments as well.

We’re sure the issue will be resolved but with the way technology plays a role in our daily lives, Facebook might want to hop to it quickly.

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