Social Media Etiquette

Social media is a train that hasn’t stopped picking up speed. Social media has greatly improved marketing strategies for businesses and reel in a brand’s target audience at rapid rates. However, with the good comes the bad. Often times, businesses can find themselves in hot water if they don’t learn the ins and outs of social media etiquette.

Many E-commerce businesses fail at practicing proper social media etiquette, thus hurting potential sales and running the risk of bad word of mouth. Whether big or small, your company needs to put an emphasis on creating positive brand awareness. Customer service should be one of your top priorities.

According to, “Businesses need to adhere to this etiquette since social media is so public and mainstream by now. One wrong move can spiral into a full-blown crisis and have serious consequences for your brand reputation”. Too many times, we’ve seen instances of bad social media etiquette, eventually leading to customers writing an entire brand off.

Let’s start class with the basics:

Customer Service


Yes, customer service matters on social media. That’s where people can reach your brand directly for good or bad reasons. Make sure you or someone on your marketing team is punctual in answering questions and concerns consumers may have. Whether a concern is about an order, a specific product, or ingredient list (for brands that sell food, skincare or makeup) ANSWER YOUR CUSTOMERS’ QUESTIONS! Many brands do a disservice to themselves when they leave someone hanging after they’ve asked a question on social media. Trust us, other users can see your ghost responses.

Social Media Interaction


There’s nothing worse than seeing a brand posting amazing content, but barely interacting with their audience. You make sure to say thank you when someone pays you a compliment, right? Incorporate that same mindset when it comes to interactions on social media. Simply replying to a compliment with a smiley emoji will suffice; it takes less than 5 seconds and goes a long way with the customer. Interacting with your audience is an easy way for your brand to be personable and engaging. says, “In order to gain top ranking on Twitter, a brand must consistently have recorded interaction with its followers”. We can’t make this stuff up.

Character Goes a Long Way


Dust off your dictionary and start looking up adjectives. Personify your brand by implementing at least 5 adjectives. Doing this will help reach your target audience and will also aid users in identifying what type of brand you are. For example, Taco Bell is notoriously known to have a snarky character on social media.

The fast-food brand incorporates humor into their tweets by engaging in friendly banter with other brands, communicating with tweeters and show love in return when users show them, love. Taco Bell’s overall presence on social media aligns well with their target audience’s personality the chain attracts; i.e. teenagers and college-aged consumers.



Update Your Consumers

customer-announcements-on social-media

Small E-commerce businesses can benefit a lot from this tip. There’s nothing more infuriating than not receiving updates when brands experience a high volume of orders or are behind on their shipping. Naturally, keeping your consumers informed via email newsletters is common sense. Public Service Announcements, Shipping, and product updates can all be done on social media. This method saves time too if you need to give updates ASAP.

Small skincare company, Bahi Cosmetics popularity is owed all to their amazing sunflower sweets serum. Because this serum is made with cold-pressed oils, batches are small compared to a major skin care brand. Bahi’s marketing team update their followers on restock dates, formula changes, etc via social media, in addition to their weekly newsletters.


Social media can either be your triumph or your downfall if you don’t use it correctly. Make sure as a brand, you’re always kind, courteous, personable and professional. #BeAShark

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