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Spark Joy: Tidy Up Your Content Marketing Strategy with 3 Quick Tips

Ever since the best-selling book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo, got a Netflix series, a lot of us have been asking if things spark joy to us? If the answer is no, we thank it for its use and then toss it out. Home items and clothes aren’t the only things that this method can be applied to. This same strategy can be applied to our content marketing. It’s time to toss out whatever is not working and simplify how we approach our advertising.

The “KonMari” method didn’t become popular for no reason.  So many people have responded to living a life with less clutter. Not only is it therapeutic in our lives, but this method can also bring the same calming energy to your company. You can start sparking joy in 3 easy steps. This way, your content will be clean, the inner workings of your company will be organized, and your marketing will be clear and concise. If something wasn’t working before, and it’s not bringing your company joy, then it’s time to change the way you approach it.

1—Discard Content Marketing that Doesn’t Spark Joy

Ok—there are steps within this step, but it’s fundamental.  This requires a long stroll into your archives. You need to look at everything you’re company has been doing—blogs, social media, videos, shared drives, graphics, seminars, all of the content. Ask what still makes sense? Maybe your company has changed direction in the years that it’s been open. Some of the content might not make sense anymore, so there’s no point in keeping it “live” on the internet.

Once you see everything laid out, you’ll be able to determine what you can toss and what you want to keep. After that, it’s time to organize said content. If you’ve got blogs, make categories that fit the different topics you might talk about. If you have years of video content, you can organize them by year. Or, again, make categories for the different topics discussed.

2—Make Your Focus Clear

Now that you’ve done all the tossing and reorganizing, it’s time to refocus your content. Content marketing is all about telling your story. What are the current trends you can use to elevate your storytelling? Pro tip: If you’re using Instagram because you have a younger crowd, Instagram stories are the easiest way to gain your consumer’s attention. Keep brainstorming different ways you can market yourself. Keep in mind that the way you execute the content is also important. What tools are you using? The scheduling of your content output should be as simple and clear as the content you’re scheduling out.

This step also includes spicing up your social media approach. Your online presence depends so much on it, so take the time to think of innovative ways to make your social content stand out. Take stock in what has worked for your company before and then work on areas of improvement.

3—No Frills, Just Analytics

It’s time to prioritize those analytics and ask yourself the hard questions. Numbers don’t lie. When you know what your goals are and what areas you want to improve in, you’ll be ready to tackle this step. Do you want better engagement on your social media page? Or, are you more focused on reaching a bigger, more targeted audience? You can adjust your strategies in order to achieve what you’re wanting out of your marketing. Simply put, you can’t just wait around and expect things to happen. Be proactive in achieving your goals and you’ll start to see the numbers that you want. Viewing your analytics will enable you to face the realities of how your company is doing. This way, you can plan accordingly and keep sparking joy!

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