Sponsored vs Organic Endorsements — How to Successfully Reach Your Followers

A company’s online presence is crucial. Those that are spending their money and influencing the market are part of the millennial and Gen Z age groups.  These are the generations that are using social media accounts to determine whether or not they want to spend their money with your company. Therefore, it’s important to post regularly, be relevant, and capture what your company is about. With the way the internet changes, it’s important to look at the difference between sponsored and organic endorsements. How are you going to better reach your followers? 

Do Organic Endorsements Work?

This conversation pops up a lot because social platforms are always changing. Also changing is the number of followers a company might have and the algorithms that may prevent them from seeing certain content. For instance, a lot of businesses get the short end of the stick since algorithms usually work against them. In order to not bombard users with business’ content, the platform will make sure that all the businesses you follow aren’t showing you content at the same time. Fortunately, there are other means to get your products or mission across. For one, you can use organic endorsements. What does that mean exactly? It means, that you should look at followers that already love you and start to work with them.

These micro-influencers can help build a following for you. Since they already love you, a company can build a relationship with them to start work. A business can have them try a new product or pay them in order to talk about a product they already have. This will bring a new and trusting following to your brand. 

In Favor of Sponsored Content 

As a regular social media user, you might feel overwhelmed with the amount of “sponsored” content you see on a daily basis. Whether you’re on Instagram, Facebook, or Google. As an example, let’s say a user was searching for a new mattress. Information is then given out and you’ll be hit with sponsored content from every mattress brand once you open your Instagram app. These companies have invested their money into sponsored endorsements like this because they know they will be reaching relevant customers. On a smaller level, companies can search for influencers with very strong followings (think over 100,000) to endorse those mattresses. They might not be familiar with your brand, so you gift them with your product in exchange for them promoting it on their social platforms.

Instead of a static post about your mattress, you’d be getting someone with a lot of influence to talk about it with their followers in a way that is real and trusting. Their reach and their platform will allow for your brand to have more content, but also to reach a different demographic. It’s a very smart way to get opinions and reviews of your product out into the public without you bombarding your feed with the same content. 

Whether you’re poaching customers that already love you or finding famous influencers, you’re best bet as a company is to get people to talk about your product. These endorsements feed into the idea that we, as consumers, are more likely to buy off a friend’s recommendation than a company’s curated post. 

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