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Take A Picture, It Will Last longer: Why Images Are So Important In Online Marketing

Online marketing is difficult. You’re trying to reach your target audience with quality content constantly. One of the most important aspects of content creation is that of images. Just like a lighted neon sign, images are eye-catching. When you find something that is visually related to your business, it can help intrigue customers to click on what you’re sharing.

While headlines are important and need to be well-written, your customers will process an image faster. It’s science! Just think, there are entire social networks that exist revolving around simple images. Countless studies have shown higher engagement rates on social media posts with images. The average consumer attention span is somewhere around 8 seconds. You have 8 seconds to grab your potential customers‘ attention! It only takes the average brain 1/4 of a second to process visual cues. That one piece of information should spark interest in creating great graphics for your business.

Our Brains Retain Information Better When We See It

Visual information is how the brain creates memories. Visual information is what helps to encode information in our brains. In essence, images help information to “stick” in our brains.

The take home message here is that if you really want your customers to be intrigued, to learn and keep coming back, take special care in choosing and creating your images.

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