The SEO Game — Keeping things fresh to remain relevant

Think of your website or your social media as an extension of you/your business. Your content should reflect what is authentic about it. When you have this in the back of your mind, it should be easier for you to keep content fresh and unique. It should also motivate you to frequently update your website. This is important for SEO. In order for your company to stay ahead of this SEO game, you need to think of the interactions you’ll be producing. From this, come the keywords you’ll use for people to search and find you.

Keep humans in mind

While SEO and social media algorithms may be artificial intelligence, you need to write for people. After all, they are the ones that will be reading your content. You can keep people interested by posting things that are relevant, engaging and frequent. When you update, add blog posts, or change up your website, search engines will automatically come to you. The frequent visits from search engines will in turn make your page rank higher. You can think of keywords for your content once you’ve already written it out. Remember, keep the audience—the people—in mind.

More content, more views, less problems

Rules for SEO are always changes. Since the web and people’s interactions are always changes and evolving, this makes sense. But, the thing that remains true is that you should be producing more content. When you have a website that is hardly updated, Google defines that as a stale or “dead” page. Hence, your page is not going to come up as relevant for searches. When you’re updating frequently, adding more articles, blogs, downloads, or landing pages, you’re creating something that is alive. So, adding more content is never a bad thing. Just remember to keep things relevant. And, think of your audience. Humans, not robots.

Think about the types of searches

Once you have your content flowing, think about how people are searching for things online. In 2016, 20% of people were using voice searches to search for content online. This is important when you think about keywords. Put yourself in the shoes of your buyer/customer. You might have a business that is sought out often, but if you’re not using the right phrases or keywords, you won’t be found. Consider making a search question the title of your article. Then, have the answer towards the beginning and go into further detail as you go on.

The SEO game can be a little challenging. But keep in mind that first and foremost you’re writing content and producing things for people to read. They are the ones that will become interested in your company and buy from you/support you. Updating your website frequently gives this audience a reason to keep coming back to you. In turn, it also gives search engines (like Google) a reason to keep coming back to you. You don’t have to have some cookie-cutter layout in order to succeed when it comes to SEO. Just keep publishing, keep engaging, and do so often.

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