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Is Your Website Bomb or Blah?

Every business has or should strive to have a website of their own, with the exception of Etsy shops. As a business owner, your website should be the top priority when building your brand. After all, a company’s homepage is the portal to vital information such as products/services the business offers, backstory on how and why the brand was birthed, location information, reviews, and much more.

Unfortunately, a good percentage of a business’ financial struggle is due to having a horrible website or not having one at all. Not only are you missing out on the financial gain by not having a site or own a disorganized brand, but you’re screwing yourself over when it comes to marketing strategies. Potential customers need to be able to reach your site in order to see what you can offer and they need to do it FAST. Too many times, we’ve seen a client’s outdated website that isn’t only an eyesore, but also difficult to navigate, with an unclear call-to-action message urging visitors to sign up for email newsletters, or are just…blah.

In this digital world, consumers are all about getting merchandise, services, and advice instantly. How many times have you gone to a website to deal with slow loading or a confusing layout? The average person will leave the site without searching because of issues like these. Yes, it is a bit shallow to judge a website by its homepage but in the marketing world, looks matter! When you put effort into having professional and clean pictures to showcase your products or provide visitors with clear and concise information about your services, website traffic increases.

If you’re a business owner, consider these questions: Do you have a website? How long has it been since your site was updated? When was the last time you’ve taken a look at your website as a consumer? Would you buy from your company if the shoe was on the other foot?

You control your company, so do whatever it takes to capture the interest of consumers. Live long online, and prosper.

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