You Need a New Marketing and Paid Advertising Strategy for 2019

If you’re not taking advantage of the internet, and you’re not on social media, you’re basically living under a rock. More crucially, you’re hurting your business. We are now at the point where technology and marketing have collided and melted into one. So, as the new year approaches, the question isn’t, “Does your business have a Facebook?” It’s, “What is your online marketing and paid advertising strategy?” The existence of a Facebook page and any other social media page should be a given.

If you don’t know what your strategy for the new year is, there should be beads of sweat forming on your forehead (we’re not being harsh, we’re being honest!). The competition—for any business—has only grown in the past 10 years.

Why do you need new marketing and paid advertising?

Blame it on the algorithms that social media pages have. Your organic post reach just isn’t cutting it anymore. That means any post that you’ve created isn’t reaching a high percentage of the people that already follow you. They’re completely missing out on that content. So, you need to have a strategy in the line of paid advertising so that you’re able to reach as many potential clients as possible. And with this paid ad, you can pick and choose your audience so that you’re specifically targeting people that would actually buy from you or need your services.

What is your objective?

This is part one of developing your strategy. What do you want to accomplish? Your advertising can help increase many different aspects, like follower engagement, sales, and visibility, but you want to have one key goal in mind. The paid advertising you run through social media should reflect what you want to see in your business. For example, an increase in sales could happen with a carousel ad on Facebook, showcasing your in-demand items. So, identify for your business what your goal is going to be.

What’s the best platform?

This is an important piece. You’ve decided what your goal is, and who you’re targeting. Great! Now, you’ve got to think about the way that audience uses the internet. What is going to be the best platform—or the best two platforms? Users on Facebook are almost evenly split between men and women, whereas Instagram has a higher percentage of women at 39%. If you want to reach an older crowd, Facebook would be your answer. At 25%, the largest portion of users is aged between 25-35, while 18% are between 35-44. Doing your homework helps to know which platform will have the most effect on your paid ad. This is all part of the strategy!

Tie it all together

Lastly, there is some refining—and planning—to be done. The end of your strategy should include planning out an advertising funnel. It’s a new year and there are new marketing strategies around. It’s a constant for the internet world. That’s why you can’t rely on something you’ve had in place since your business opened in 2005. It needs an upgrade. So, with your advertising funnel, you’re looking to build awareness (content creation), promote and retarget your audience, and then push your audience to use your product/service. Your ad needs to clearly lay out that the viewer needs to check out, and then lead them there with one click.

In 2019, don’t let old marketing and organic reach be the way that people find you—you’ll be waiting a long time! Come up with a new marketing strategy and implement paid advertising to get the reach and customers you want. You don’t have to do it alone, either. You know who’s really good at this stuff?

We are!

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