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Your eCommerce Platform is a Really Big Deal

If we want to exaggerate, picking out your eCommerce platform is like picking out your first home. There are so many questions, a wish list of expectations, and an emotional (and financial) investment. This is the central hub where everyone will gather. It is the deciding factor of whether or not people are going to buy from your store. Picking the first one you find online is not the smartest way to go. Plus, knowing what users want and knowing the best way to sell your items is key.

Purchasing Online = Easiest Thing To Do

If you have something you want to sell, or a new eCommerce business idea, now is the best time to put it online. So many different platforms have made it incredibly easy to buy. Notably, a lot of that has turned into one-click buying. It has truly never been easier to sell something online. For example, if your business has an Instagram (which it should), you can product tag on your posts or on your stories and lead a customer straight to purchasing. Being able to buy something fast is everywhere. This option is on Facebook as well. So, having a well-constructed site is key to being able to accomplish this.

Picking the Right eCommerce Platform

There are so many options when it comes to picking out your eCommerce platform. It can make the decision overwhelming and choosing the wrong one a clusterfuck. Even as a marketing team, there can only be so much done if you don’t have a user-friendly or a good eCommerce site. We can lead people to your product and page all day long, but if your online shop is hard to purchase from, or payment options are limited, people aren’t going to buy. Take a good look at your products and what your needs are. How big is your inventory? Go through each list, read various blogs about each site, and then make a decision. You’re also going to keep in mind how much the site does for you. Meaning, do you have to come up with the design, etc.? Many websites nowadays, come with easy to use layouts and step-by-step guidance on how to upload or move things around.

The most popular sites to use right now are Shopify, Woo Commerce, Squarespace, and ClickFunnels. Again, sift through your choices to decide what is best for your store. Not only do you want something that’s easy for you and users to navigate, but you’ll want a site that focuses on marketing features, prices, sales features, and stability. Think about how you shop online.

Design, Sales, and Marketing

Let us repeat: think about how you shop online. Design is everything—along with having a quality representation of your products. If you really want people to go to your website to buy your products, then you have to make sure it looks good. For one, that could mean that it looks like it was made in 2019 and not 1995. If your site looks outdated, consumers are going to assume it’s outdated. Having a cohesive and design-forward website also instills a level of trust in buyers. Plus, you’re showing off your brand’s personality. This is a fast and easy way for first-time buyers to get to know you. Make it simple, make it “you”, and people will be clicking the “add to cart” button. To this end, Shopify has tons of free templates for you to use. On the other hand, ClickFunnels has done a lot of research on color and design that converts visitors into paying customers—you just have to see what works for you and your brand.

On the sales and marketing side of things, having an eCommerce website makes it way easier to market your products. Again, integration through other platforms has made it so easy for people to shop online. Diving deeper into this, your website can tell you the analytics behind it. It can also use tools to show customers products that they looked at but didn’t buy. Or, it can remind you to send out a newsletter. ClickFunnels is really good with the marketing side of this. With Shopify, you’ll be able to sync Facebook, letting people buy your products without ever leaving the social media page. Again, find what works best for you and what your ultimate goal is.

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