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You’ve Got Mail: Email Marketing for your Business

Will we give away our age away if we say that we remember the “You’ve got mail” notification that sounded off during the beginning days of email? It was a reminder that a family member or friend was reaching out to communicate. This was before our inboxes became incredibly populated with work emails. Now, it is up to email marketing to inform us and keep us connected to our favorite businesses. When used and sent correctly, email marketing benefits your business. The “You’ve Got Mail” sound might be gone, but your business can still deliver emails full of great content to convert sales.

What’s the deal with email marketing?

Effective email marketing converts prospects into customers. It is a marketing tool in the digital age that places a company in a consumers—or prospective consumers—inbox. When done right, it also converts one-time buyers into loyal fans of a company. With that, there are three main ways to tackle email marketing.


Newsletters build a great fan-base for a company. A company newsletter can be whatever you want it to be. Essentially, it contains important information about your company sent out periodically. You can communicate new ideas, connect with consumers, employees, stockholders, and advertise or promote your sales and products. Ideally, you don’t want to send a newsletter more than twice a week and no less than one a month. On this point, 61% of consumers said they would like to see a newsletter at least once a week.

A company newsletter is how you introduce yourself to a prospective consumer. And, it’s how you keep them informed. A newsletter should be linked to your website or e-commerce store. It can also include fun behind-the-scenes moments in your company, trivia about the industry, and great visuals (photos and videos).


Email campaigns are great for sales and promotions that a company has going on. Unlike a company newsletter, these don’t need to follow a schedule. Send these out for the duration of your sale or when a new product is being introduced.

Email marketing platforms are extremely easy to use and allow you to link your website, input images and videos, and create layouts that grab one’s attention. Your entire email list should be included in your campaigns so that you convert those clicks into sales.


As a shopper, there are times that you place an item into the cart. Then, you leave the site without following through with the purchase. This is a problem with many companies. That is why retargeting emails help immensely. Retargeting emails can be sent to shoppers who left something behind. The email should include their shopping cart and one-click access to purchase.

Worldwide, there are roughly 2.6 billion email users. Whatever a company’s demographic may be, they can easily be reached through email. It is a simple and effective way to communicate and promote products. So, does your company need to invest in email marketing? We think so.

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